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 Joinning methods for PE pipes

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Note:Public Gas Corporation of Greece allows electrofusion method for low pressure pipelines. Use acceptable cleaning solvent! Mark your surfaces and scratch them all around with your scraper. Check the remmaining thickness. Keep clean everything! Use clamps! Reduce/minimize the gap between pipes. Use current stabilisator (UPS)! Write in proper way batch No of fittings, couplers and pipes,   


Note: In each job exist variations of methods. Take care about the max. allowable pressure for each material. Materials in higher elevation are in lower pressure than those in 0 level. Calibrate your equipment. Prepare all possible equipment for the tests.  Arrange the safety matters. Mistake can kill elephant. 

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Sleeves PE appliance on steel pipeline

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                                                                                                                                            Note: Method is similar for any other sleeve. We have to respect storage conditions, working temperatures, mixing time and usage, oil free compressor or at least oil filters. Keep clean everything. Avoid air pockets. Dont roll over/press on weld-its possible to reduce thickness in non acceptable limits. For every product manufacturer gives diagrams for peeling tests. Pull Power(kN) - temperature(C)